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In Hawaiian, hana means craft or work.

In Korean, hana means one.

In Maori, it means to shine, glow, give out love, or radiance.


We embrace these meanings to serve you with integrity, transparency, heart and meaning.


In the spirit of Hana, we’re in this together.

Meet David

Founder / Certified Executive Coach / MBA

About David

I started my professional journey as an IT professional in Philadelphia. I spent 3 years meandering through different industries, chasing the next title and salary. Alas, I learned the hard way that no amount of money will satisfy my why.

I eventually found my calling as a Marine Corps pilot. I feel privileged to have served for 22 years in challenging leadership roles around the world, including 5 forward engagements in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as policy and advisory roles in East Asia, Middle East, and the U.S.

As an entrepreneur, I understand the challenges of starting and growing a company. I’ve applied my leadership principles to help other entrepreneurs to successfully manage, build, and lead their companies. I find immense gratification in helping to improve their professional and personal lives. I’m also passionate about coaching under-represented professionals who aspire to succeed as executives or business owners.

I credit my development as a leader to the mentors and mentees who supported me throughout my professional career. I have led diverse teams, large and small, from different countries and cultures. I worked with stellar leaders across industries of innovation. And I continue to enjoy the adventures of entrepreneurship.

Yet, I have grown more from overcoming challenges. I rebuilt my career after I almost crashed and died in combat. I dealt with the loss of brothers and sisters in arms. I navigated through racism and bias in the workplace. And I learned to make difficult decisions that impact the lives of those under my charge.

Ultimately, my journey has taught me the value of empathy, positive mindset, and authentic leadership, which are central to our coaching programs.

My hobbies include Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, traveling, and grilling with family and friends.

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