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I recently attained a coaching position at a leadership development firm. The opportunity came unexpectedly during my house hunting on the opposite coast of the country. I did my Zoom interviews in a hotel room .

The whirlwind process took 5 days, including interviews with the Head of HR and the Global VP of Learning and Development. And it’s a position that I didn’t even apply for!

It all started with a referral, unsolicited, by someone I connected with virtually last year. In the 11 months since our first call, he’s become a mentor and an unrelenting supporter of my career endeavor. Incredibly, we have yet to meet in person, but it’s on my travel plan for this summer.

I am lucky to have connected with him. But it’s the relationship that was fostered that led to this opportunity. In fact, all of my opportunities as an entrepreneur and an executive coach have come directly or indirectly from people in my network.

So take the time to foster your relationship with your connections. Learn about their jobs, interests and experiences with authentic curiosity. Add value where you can and pay it forward without expectations. This will open more doors of opportunity and success.