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What is your next big goal in life? To find a different job? Make a career pivot and branch out on your own? Whatever it is, you probably have been thinking about it for a while because it’s a big transition.

Like many people in similar situations, you may tend to focus on the toughest challenges to tackle upfront. But this is a mistake. The best way to achieve your lofty goal is to attain small wins over time.

It sounds simple. Yet, even the most ambitious people lose motivation before achieving their goals. That’s because they try to do too much, too soon.

Here are some small wins you can accomplish to gain positive momentum towards your goal:

Take the first (achievable) step. No goal is ever achieved without taking the first step. Don’t let analysis paralysis or the pursuit of a perfect business plan prolong inaction. Start with a small, but meaningful task.

Schedule your first informational interview. Make new connections and schedule calls with experts in their industry. Learn about their journey and get inspired by their success. Put some of their ideas into your own action.

Turn your vision into reality. Do you want to branch out on your own and start a marketing consulting service? Create an LLC to make it official, either on your own or through an attorney. Not ready to make it that real? Update your LinkedIn profile with your new role as a Marketing Consultant. Nothing motivates you more to follow through with your actions than making (and actually seeing) something “official.”

Make it a team effort. Ask a mentor, colleague, or coach to keep you accountable for your actions from the start. Have them ask you tough questions about your ideas and decisions. It’s easier to navigate challenges when you know that someone is on the journey with you.

A win is a win, regardless of the score. Begin your journey with small wins to help you gain more confidence with a positive mindset. Over time, you will become more comfortable in tackling bigger challenges to achieve your goals.