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Sometimes the simplest solution is the best solution. 

But we don’t always have the answers.

The basketball game between Indiana and St. Mary’s during this year’s March Madness is a great example of a simple, yet uncommon solution.

When the ball got stuck on the backboard, they tried using a chair, a mop handle, and a 6’10” player to dislodge the ball. 

All were unsuccessful…and comical to watch real-time on television.

Enter Indiana cheerleaders Nathan Paris and Cassidy Cerny. They walked up to the backboard, where Paris hoisted his partner above him, and Cerny grabbed the ball with ease. 

It was a simple and elegant solution that enabled them to resume the game. And everyone cheered with appreciation for the cheerleaders.

Be open minded to diversity of thoughts…even if it’s never been done before.

In the end, everyone gets to celebrate.